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excaliburpwg's Journal
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Tuesday, October 31st, 2006
6:56 pm
Of lamentations & tragedies
This past weekend a horrible tragedy occurred on America's highways, and everyone seems ready to laugh it off as a joke, and I think that's the even bigger tragedy. Early Sunday morning I read the news of Colt Cabana's car accident, and after recovering from a major league fainting fit, I went on to read that he lost his toe in the accident. Let me tell you a little about Colt Cabana's toe.

Colt Cabana's toe was born on a cold and blustery afternoon in June some seventy years ago. Braving the mean streets of the Windy city as a young appendage, it would get by begging for change, or rough up someone if it had to. Whatever it took to get by, you understand. I first met Colt Cabana's toe a few years ago, when as a part of the much larger Colt Cabana entity, it competed in Revolution Pro, the wrestling organization based in Southern California. While others were giving up their lives and possibly their chickens to promote shows in Southern California, Colt Cabana's toe was traveling the world, honing its craft, and most importantly, providing balance when Colt Cabana the greater would step. People don't realize how much we owe to our toes when it comes to not falling over. It's not all about your inner ear, my friends.

At any rate, Colt Cabana's toe had come a long way from its time as a rough and tumble digit looking for trouble on the seedier side of Clark Street. It had become something few can ever say they achieved, a professional, and a champion. Also, Colt Cabana's toe became my friend. Turning its life around, excelling at the art of professional wrestling, only to be cut down in its prime, that is a tragedy.

But what is the real tragedy is that Cabana the greater has been forced to make a statement saying his toe is not really gone. The relentless mockery by the 10-toed internet community has shamed this man into some sort of internetular phantom limb syndrome! I for one will not stand for this, and will use every opportunity I have to make Colt Cabana the greater feel accepted, no matter how many toes he may or may not have. Be ashamed, internet community. It is you that shamed this man, and it is you that has turned this horrific event into a true tragedy.

This is a time for his friends to support him. You would do well to remember that.

Also, speaking of friends, Max Boyer is my 100th friend, coincidentally both in life and on MySpace. I had the pleasure of calling his match this past weekend with the one and only Ultra Mantis Black.

Colt Cabana's toe
Wednesday, March 29th, 2006
1:06 am
B for Banana Phone
So I meant to update my journal every Monday, but we now see how well that's going. So from now on, I'll update my journal on or about Monday. Not every Monday, as in weekly, just close to that day of the week. Seems fair enough. Anyway, when we last left off, I was prepared to talk at length about the season finale of Battlestar Galactica, which was incredible, but that was so long, I can't remember what I was going to say exactly. What you do need to know is that it was an incredible episode, and probably one of the best pieces of TV I've watched in a long while. It completely changed the dynamic of the show, more so than the hatch did on Lost, and much more so than the police woman getting her shirt ripped off and being chased by a man in a gorilla suit on Benny Hill. If you're not watching BSG already, add the mini-series to your NetFlix or whatever you have, and you will not be disappointed. Then, after you watch the mini-series and you're running to the store to buy the seasons 1 and 2 DVD's, think of me when you spend those quality hours with Edward James Olmos.

Speaking of Benny Hill, I saw V for Vendetta over the weekend, and while it wasn't great, it was better than expected. I say "speaking of Benny Hill" because there was an ode to Benny Hill in the movie, a part which I greatly enjoyed. Anyway, I read one review prior to seeing the film, and it said that it felt more like an "inspired by the graphic novel" rather than a straight "adapted from" and I agree. Granted, certain things were updated from the Thatcher/Reagan era, but that's completely logical in order to keep with the times. However, sanitizing V, Evey, Finch, and even the citizens of London in an effort to further create a distinction between the good guys and the bad guys, the overly religious and conservative government, changes a big part of the story. These weren't great people or super heroes, they were regular people at the end of their rope. V is a terrorist, after all. Perhaps the filmmakers were afraid of casting a positive light on terrorism, but you certainly don't get that feeling when you read the graphic novel, so I guess that means Alan Moore is a better storyteller than the Wachowski Brothers. That's not news. So, to summarize my super in depth review of the film, V for Vendetta was alright because it featured a scene inspired by The Benny Hill Show. There you have it.

I also saw Munich last week, and it was good, too. I think the weakest point of the whole movie was Avner's flashback to the Olympics while he was with his wife. If you haven't seen it, I'm not spoiling anything by saying this, so don't fret, but at one point, Avner, the main character, is having sex with his wife, and during the act of coitus, he starts to have these crazy flashbacks, and envisions the Israeli athletes being murdered by the Palestinian terrorists. The latter part of the scene was an important and powerful part of the movie, but couldn't the flashback have come while he was eating ice cream? It was just unsettling. So, to summarize my super in depth review of the film, Munich was good because it featured a scene where Eric Banana is having sex while thinking about grisly murders. There you have it.

Since you're probably reading this journal because you know me more for my wrestling than my in depth movie reviews, I will make an effort to touch on that subject, as well. I'll be in LA for PWG's "Crazymania: All Star Weekend 3" on April 8 & 9, which should be pretty awesome. I'll be wrestling B-Boy on April 8th, and after I beat him, I'll be in a 4-Way Match on April 9 where I'll become the Number 1 Contender to the PWG World Championship. You can take that to the bank. If your bank accepts predictions as currency, that is. However, on a more interesting subject, when I was wrestling in Detroit a few weeks ago, I was thrown toward the crowd at one point of the match, and while I think the intended target was the chairs, some fans were not fast enough in clearing out of the way. This meant that I, unable to stop my forward momentum, was thrown into the back of a rather large man, and shortly after gravity had its say, both of us were on the ground, he on top of me, me on top of the contents of a pitcher of beer. This wouldn't have been so bad, but after the gentleman was helped to his feet, I felt him drop back down on me, directly onto my stomach. Surely, this man must have slipped in all the spilt beer, or been so shaken by the intimate contact with yours truly that he lost his balance, right? Not quite. After speaking with the Referee of Champions, Champion of Referees Bryce Remsburg, I found out that this man, a fan who may or may not have been intoxicated, dropped an elbow on me. Not just any elbow, but The People's Elbow. He set up for it and everything. I can only assume the reason I was not KO'd by this maneuver was one of two reasons: A) The point of his elbow landed directly in my stomach, stunning and winding me, but not rendering me unconscious, or B) It was not delivered by The Rock, therefore, the move lacked its full potency. Think about that, wrestling fan. I'll be back soon to complain about Infinite Crisis, and perhaps I'll have a wrestling story or two.
Saturday, March 11th, 2006
4:34 pm
First Post!
Currently, I'm in the always warm metro Detroit area, posting my very first update to Livejournal. I'm not one for online outreaching, antic-ing, or MySpacing, like my esteemed colleague Joey Ryan is, so I consider this to be a monumental step forward in my social growth. And who knows, some day I may have my own webpage that features thumbnail pictures of 10,000 of my closest friends. And bands. Bands that claim to be my friend, but really, are just trying to sell me their shitty demo. Stupid bands. Speaking of which, have you purchased much PWG Merchandise lately? You should.

The reason why I am in the Detroit area is because last night, I wrestled American Bryan Dragon Danielson for IWF in Detroit. While I was not successful in defeating the so-called "Greatest Wrestler In The World," I was successful in getting beaten, which is always fun. Bryan Dragonson went on to Philadelphia today for the joint ROH/CZW show, and so did "Sweet N' Sour" Larry Sweeney. Why is that of interest? Because I have it on good authority that Draggy Bryanson had a good night's sleep at one of the many fine Detroit area hotels, while "Honey Mustard" Larry Sweeney got in a car after the show and drove 10 straight hours through the night in order to be back in time. Just goes to show what people who defeat Excalibur and William Regal get, and what people who defeat Excalibur and "Hollywood" Bob Starr get. Think about it.

I'll have another update soon wherein which I will talk about the Battlestar Galactica season finale (the best show on TV you're not watching,) and possibly turkey sandwiches and IcyHot.

Now, I believe there's a turkey sandwich and a tube of IcyHot that require my attention.
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